Saturday, January 7, 2012

You can run but not hide from Boston cops

Just before 11 PM tonight Boston Police officers engaged in a short vehicle chase down Blue Hill Ave near Devon St.

Based on scanner transmissions and through twitter handle @brianjdamico it was reported that 3 suspects bailed on Fayston St a nearby residential neighborhood. Additional units from districts B2 & B3 responded to secure the perimeter and a K9 was requested.

2 suspects were almost immediately taken into custody while the third played the "hide & go seek" game. Once that perp heard the welp of the trusty pooch he knew he was down for the count and came out without incident.
Needless to say great work by BPD once again in taking 3 more pieces of scum of the city streets.

Update-11:45 PM: As it turns out the vehicle was reported stolen from Braintree. That department is handling the stolen car report and now possesion of a stolen vehicle will be added to the list of already lenghty proportions to the 3 suspects records.

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