Monday, February 6, 2012

Traffic stop leads to arrest of known drug user

During the evening hours of Febuary 4th on my ventures through the northshore I was taking a drive down the Revere Beach Parkway when I observed a vehicle operating in an extremely erratic manner. I made observations of the vehicle for several minutes and proceeded to notify the State Police. By the time the trooper got to my location the vehicle was no longer in motion and the operator had exited the vehicle and entered an apartment building on the Revere Beach Boulevard. At this point local or state officers couldnt do muchg because they have to physically see the nature of the operation themselves.

I spoke with Troop Blanchard. sporting the cruiser 1997 and he proceeded to tell me that the individual that was operating the vehicle is known to PD and has a history of drugs and alcohol. As it was nearing the 11 o'clock hour shift change was coming up at the barracks; he contacted the barracks via cell phone and advised the duty officer that I was willing to sit on the car and contact them again when it gets on the move again.

20 minutes go by and roll call was just about wrapped up at the barracks and I observed the individual exit the building and get into the vehicle. The vehicle continued to operate in a reckless manner once again (crossing the double yellow + rapid braking) and I notified the barracks directly. The duty trooper kept me on the line and I kept advising them of the location of the vehicle. It entered a strip mall of the American Legion Highway. Once again thery didnt observe operation. At this point I was greeted by cruisers 823 and 941 (Trooper Fiore). What great troopers these guys were; they told me I was well within my rights to photograph what was going on as long as I dont get in the way.

Now its nearing 11:30 and the vehicle exits the plaza and goes on the move again through the side streets of Revere. At this time cruiser 1401 joins the party. The traffic stop was initiated on Broadway also known as Route 107 by the intersection of Fernwood Road. The subject was ordered to exit the the vehicle. While troopers were questioning the individual they determined by the subjects actions and his level of awareness that he was under the influence of a control substance. He was placed into custody and transported back to the barracks by cruiser 823 for booking and Trooper Fiore stood by for the tow.

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