Saturday, February 18, 2012

Communications failure in Western MA

Late last night way out in the burbs of Western MA; Yes that's right I'm talking Huntington & Chesterfield (just to name a few) reported that they had a major outage to landlines & cellular phone service (including 911) was out and was expected to be for up to 5 days. Given the significance of the situation, Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) officials and the State police responded with their mobile command posts to the area to aid the local departments in establishing some sort of phone service to the area by way of satellites.  As of now no major incidents such as fires or serious accidents have been reported that I am aware of. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Check out the story from CBS Boston here: Car crash knocks out phone service for days

Update-Area firefighters were also brought in to cover stations as a precaution due to the situation. Given the area of the state that this incident occurred in is basically remote and most departments out there are volunteers or call members and respond to the station only when there is scheduled training or an incident that warrants the use of a piece of apparatus.

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