Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lynn firefighters have a busy Saturday

A busy Saturday for firefighters in this suburb north of Boston. From 11:30 AM till 6:30 PM the firefighters in this city were kept busy with the typical medical calls but also responded to 3 separate fire calls. The first came in around 11:30 AM for 234 South Common St. Firefighters arrived to find smoke issuing from the front and reported the had an overhang that ignited and extended into the building. The working fire was ordered and it was reported that 1 firefighter sustained a minor injury while at the scene. Quick knockdown was made and companies made up lines. This was a 6 family house and all residents were displaced. 

Around 12:30 companies were dispatched for a fire at 8 Union Place. Turned out to be a small electrical in a light fixture in a bathroom on floor 2. There were no injuries and the house was still habitable.

Number three came in around 5:30 PM when fire alarm dispatched companies to 48 Whiting St for a house fire. When crews arrived they found heavy fire across the entire backside of the triple decker. The blaze spread quickly throughout the interior and forced out 3 families, which made it out safely according to Chief Dennis Carmody. The Chief also said that due to the extent of the damage the residents were probably not going to be able to go back in.

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