Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chelsea shooting injures 1

Shortly before 8pm tonight Chelsea PD responded to reports of shots fired in the area of Lawrence St by Cary where they located a victim suffering from a gunshot wound. An ALS unit responded to the scene from Cataldo EMS as did the Field Ssupervisor. Chelsea PD set-up a perimeter around the scene and began the area search for the suspect. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Update: The victim is said to be a male under the age of 18. He was shot 5 times; wounds were to his arms, legs and back. He was transported to the Mass General Hospital in Boston for treament; at this time his condition is unknown. No suspects have been taken into custody at this time and the investigation is ongoing.


  1. Als is Cataldo Amby


  2. Is there a news reference somewhere on this?

    1. none that I'm personally aware of. I was minutes away from the area when I got a tip from a dispatcher in the EOC

    2. Would like to know has there been any new updates on this shooting , how is the victim n family as well ?

  3. people need to get their facts right, esp if you have a website with updated info the victim was shot 10 times, and the person that did it knows who he is cause he's still out there, God will punish those who commit such cruel acts. im sure you lay at night wondering when will be your judgement DAY!!!! What goes around comes around Baby!!!! God Bless the Victim and his Family