Saturday, April 7, 2012

Man trapped in paper silo

I couldn't believe it at first when it came over the scanner but YES, Somerville does have silos. I'll prove it.

Around 9:30 pm on Thursday, April 5th ; public safety in the city of Somerville MA responded to the address of 48 3rd Ave in the Innerbelt section of the city. The company was Universal Wilde, a printing company. Upon their arrival they had a 47 year old male victim by the name of Carlos fell into a paper silo after he was attempting to clear a jam inside. The victim became stuck inside the silo and buried in scrap paper which would have eventually lead to a compactor below. The fire department utilized a hose line to flood out the silo in an attempt to locate the victim.Once the victim was removed fire fighters continued to flush the silo to prevent any fire that may or could have occurred as a result of the friction from the saw blades

According to Deputy Chief Robert Lyons, the injuries are said to be minor & not life threatening. The firefighters utilized saws to cut open the top & side of the silo to try to gain access to remove the victim. The victim was extricated around 10:15 PM and was transported to the Mass General Hospital in Boston for treatment. Aside from having difficulty breathing I guess you could say he had a few paper cuts.

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  1. great job done by all, silos are few and far between in tha area.