Saturday, April 14, 2012

Buffalo NY: Fire in a church. 3 alarms sounded

Just before 6 pm this afternoon; Buffalo firefighters answered the call for a fire in a church at Tacoma & Colvin Avenues. Upon arrival the 2nd & 3rd alarms were sounded in rapid succession. Their was an unconfirmed report of mayday inside but it turned out to be an accidental trigger of the emergency button. All companies are heavily engaged at the scene.

Update: 6:25 PM: Firefighters continuing an aggressive interior attack. A member of rescue 1 was injured at the scene. A mayday was NOT transmitted. Injuries are not yet known. Fire starting to vent thru the roof. Multi hand lines are in operation and a deck gun is being put into operation.

Update: 6:35 PM: Ceilings being opened on floors 2 & 3. very heavy smoke conditions throughout the structure. Sounds like it's a 4 story church. Fire starting to extend into the steeple area.

Update: 7:02 PM: Command placing the fire under control. Crews continuing extensive overhaul operations.

Live audio is here: Radio reference feed

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  1. Wow, sounds intense, any updates on any injuries from this fire?