Saturday, August 4, 2012

Multi alarm fire races thru Worcester rooming house

Shortly after 5 AM Worcetser firefighters answered the call once again for a reported fire at 39-41 Irving St. Upon arrival of the first due the 2nd alarm was ordered and a 3rd alarm shortly thereafter, The building is a large 3 story brick, 18 person-5,000 square foot rooming house. Companies have been ordered out of the building as the roof is reported to be sagging. Evacuation tones have been sounded and PAR checks are being conducted. So far no injuries have been reported.
Listen live-Worcester firefighters battle smoke/fire in a rooming house


  1. I was in this nasty rooming house once ...that was enough....NEVER HAVE I SEEN ANYTHING SO GROSS.....Thank GOD there was no loss of life and our BRAVE firefighters are OK! SHAME ON TNIS SLUMLORD

  2. Thank GOD is true... He held the residents and the BRAVE in His palms in the hellish of conditions... only brick and mortar are gone... everyone goes home... "home" being a safe place

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