Monday, October 15, 2012

Updated: Armed subject in Billerica

Around 4:40 PMyesterday afternoon the Billerica police along with numerous agencies including the NEMLEC Swat team along w/ a negotiator responded to 8 Pinedale Ave in the Pinehurst section of town for a report of a subject inside of a house armed with a firearm following a complaint from a neighbor that was threatened by the suspect. 6 area houses and businesses in the 880 Boston Rd plaza were evacuated and the road was closed to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Patrol officers at the scene reported via radio traffic that the subject was well known by them and likely had a size able cache of weapons inside the home. Around 6:15 PM the subject surrendered peacefully without incident to officers and was taken into custody by officers and transported to the station for booking. Officers conducted a brief walk through of the area following the incident making sure any civil unrest was eased and the property was secured. Traffic was heavily impacted along Routes 3A and route 62 as law enforcement officials responded to the area. The area has since been cleared and traffic delays have eased.

Numerous reports from onlookers overheard at the scene included: The guy shot and killed his wife then took hostages, another rumor was that there were just "shots fired". There is a rod & gun club down  the road on Route 62 that I believe had a class being conducted at the same time. Those reports are very much false and did NOT occur. This incident resulted in no injuries to officers or any member of the public. An official release from the Billerica Police will follow.

Update 10/16-The subject has been identified as Edward Graboski a 69 year old male that resides at the above mentioned address. Arresting officers reported finding a loaded .32 caliber revolver on his person and a wide array of weapons at the home. The subject was arraigned this morning in Lowell district court on charges relating to the incident including assault by means of a dangerous weapon.

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