Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hazardous materials scare/MCI in Bolton

Around 11:30 AM Bolton officials were called to the Nashoba Regional High School for what appeared to be a white powdery substance in an envelope that as many as 20 people came in contact with while they were at an event at the school according to the State Fire Marshals Office. There are conflicting reports as to whether it was the Pan Mass Challenge Group or a group that was meeting with grief counselors following the death of a student following a car accident earlier in the week.

There has been a Tier 1 response initiated & a Level B MDU request as well. Based on emergency radio transmissions there were reports that victims were leaving the scene & walking into area hospitals. A decon tent has been requested to the nearby hospital and several surrounding area hospitals have been put on alert via the HARMS system. A Mass Casualty Incident has been declared in addition to the massive hazardous materials response.

At 12:50 PM hazmat crews assigned to the Department of Fire Services are currently arriving at the scene and setting up operations.

Update 11 pm: FBI has possession of the envelope & is investigating it as a criminal matter. The victims were de-conned in the parking lot in the school & no serious injuries were reported. The superintendent of schools reported that school will be in session like a regular day & no harm or threat is present despite the incident.

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